The way to go to the NO1 temple(霊山寺 Ryouzenji)

霊山寺 Ryouzenji

It’s best to take a night bus from Tokyo and from Osaka and go to JR Tokushima station.

A reason is because time doesn’t become wasteful about early morning. The price is also very low.

When it’s from Osaka, You’ll take a bus.

When it’s Tokyo, You think it’s better to go to the Tokushima airport by airplane.

If You arrive at Tokushima station, You’ll pack the baggage which has no need in a coin-operated locker as much as possible.

It’s very important for even 1 gram to make the baggage of a backpack light.

There is a coin-operated locker the 1st floor of underground.

A small locker is about 3 dollars a day.

A medium locker is about 4 dollars a day.

A large locker is about 6 dollars a day.

The business hours of the coin-operated locker are from 6:00am to 11:00pm.

You take it and get off by Bando station in JR Kotoku-line from JR Tokushima station. You arrive in about 20 minutes.

If  You walk from the station as shown in this map,You  arrive at a sacred mountain temple in about 8 minutes.

It’s about 2296 feet from the station to the temple.