Shoes of a walk pilgrim

There is much information on a walk pilgrim in the internet.

You aren’t supposed to believe information too much.

The information is optimized, and does an important one fit you? Said.

For example shoes.

There are a lot of ways where quite many foreigner’s people wear trekking boots.

There are a lot of people who wear trail run shoes for Japanese.

How old are you, usually, what kind of, you think and the shoes and the insole chosen more also change with do you be exercising and weigh how many kilograms, and whether there isn’t pain in the knee and a lower back.

We keep walking for more than 15 years and we’re repeating a test of various .

The result is being written here.

I want the person who will walk now to go around by the best equipment from the beginning.

More than 95 % on the walking pilgrim way is an asphalt road.

There is also a mountain, but it’s the level which can be climbed enough by sneakers.

So the trekking boots and the trail running shoes are improper.