GO henro



このサイトは歩き回り、歩き遍路aruki henroのためのサイトです。














Kobodaishi made Shikoku 88 temples with a pilgrim.







It isn’t also necessary to stick to religion and a rule.

But there is a rule of a pilgrim.

“Jūzenkai”(Ten Commandments)for ohenro

1 不殺生 Creature isn’t killed.

2   不偸盗 A person’s isn’t stolen.

3 不邪淫 Sexes are a noble one.

4 不妄語 You aren’t supposed to lie.

5  不綺語  You don’t say  nice things.

6  不悪口 Doesn’t say a dirty word.

7  不両舌 You don’t say to make the relationship of people bad.

8  不慳貧 Things aren’t wanted too much.

9  不瞋恚  You don’t get angry about .

10 不邪見 You don’t have the idea that  is devious.

Pilgrim Oaths(三信条)

1 You will believe that Kōbō Daishi will save all livings and being  that he will always be with me

2 You will not complain if things do not go well while on the pilgrimage ,but consider such expediences  to be part of ascetic training.

3 Will believe that all can be saved in the present world and l will continually ask to be able to achieve ennlightenment.

Please obey these rules and walk.

But it’s difficult to protect perfectl.

Why do you go to a pilgrim?

Someone said. Because a temple is there…Is it a mountain!

Oh, how is it is also fine for such thing.

The reason that I go to a pilgrim is various,

and the reason is really various the person who goes around for the person who passed away

and the vanity which became unemployed because I resided permanently in Shikoku now.

Oh, because it’s fun, anyway we go!

It’s described in the one word.

When having good food and beer, you can exert yourself.

The level of the tongue is raised at Shikoku.

Kochi-pre is best in particular.

When You finish walking everything, it’s the “yuzan kaibara” level(japanese anime OISHINBO).

It can be swum at clean river and sea.

So it’s hot, but You ‘d like summer.

You often ask the person who doesn’t have an experienced thing why you go to a pilgrim.

The reason is various.

Because it’s fun purely, we’re walking.

You think of Shikoku as the second home.

But the reason that You walk is really various.

There is a person walking for the person who passed away, too.

So they’re manners that the reason that You walk isn’t heard basically.

This depends on person, too, there is a delicate person, too, so You’ll pay attention.

Without knowing the beginning, we heard, too.

You are often having for my object that many people doing a pilgrimage are collecting stamp books(shuinchou) in Japan.

Our member doesn’t send no one.

It’s well-founded variously, but You think you don’t need to have that.

There is also such movie.

You are not going around on foot.

The pilgrim way, to the world’s cultural and natural heritage!

You approve that a person in Shikoku thinks.

The walk pilgrim way.

It’s with a car and different from walking along the pilgrim way.

There is also same place.

The person who walks walks the place where Yamaji gets tired.

How is the way checked?

You have a map. This map is translated into English, and the old walk way is also mentioned.

It’s small, light and inexpensive, so You’ll make it this map certainly.

amazon japan

An inn is the internet and it’s early, inexpensive and convenient to look for it.

It’s possible to find it even on the day.
But it’s better to make a plan beforehand and make a reservation.

In Tokushima-pre, in a tray, by the Awa Odori dance and Kochi-pre, good, there is a love festival and reservations in an inn is difficult to make.

There are such sticker and landmark in a telephone pole, a corner and everywhere.

When walking while seeing this, You don’t waver.

When this isn’t seen any more, You feel uneasy.

With sutra offering?(What is noukyou?)

Sutra offering is something to recite a sutra in Mr. principal image and Mr. Kobodaishi by a temple and receive me in the  mark with which l formed a connection.

It isn’t the easy one like a stamp rally.

Do You have to recite a sutra?

That’s also free.

You think walk pilgrim all the members think, but when a sutra offering place is crowded, You walk and give priority to a pilgrim!

You think if you’d stick the bill which says so.

Or a desk of the car and the bus is separated from walk.

You may need a car of a bus and the person who says that the walk is equal.

You think such person understands feeling when walking.

A sutra isn’t offered, so we compensate and write feeling.

Where do you walk from?

Even if  You walk, what number’s temple is it free from?

Even if  You walk from the reverse, it’s free.

A sticker of a mark is difficult to find, so the one You walk from the free reverse can’t recommend you.

The person who says that he’d like to do a pilgrim for now will walk from number 1.

The person who says that he’d like to eat good fish sashimi will walk in city Kochi.

The person who would like to eat good noodles(udon) will walk from Kagawa-pre.

The person who would like to see the clean scenery and the person who would like to swim will walk from the shimanto city


You”walk a temple and strike” shuu RUKO, and, I say.

A reason, a temple, when going and worship, it’s said that it’s derived from a pilgrim’s hammering made of the tree and a copper made tag into a pillar and a wall.

To walk from number 1 number 88, “pure strike”

You say the one I walk from number 88 to number 1 “reverse strike”.

When a reverse strike is being done, you can meet Kobodaishi.

You’d like a leap year in particular.

You part with a reason.

If 6 lap round walked and heard talk in the way You need by a pilgrim, You were saying that You met Kobodaishi 3 times.

It was being talked about seriously. Did you get too tired and see a hallucination?

Or was strange medicine being done?

You weren’t the person who lies.

There is no breathing at all, so You are enviable talk.

The beginning be an order strike and go!

Which season do you walk?

The seasons I tend to walk are spring and autumn.

It’s because wasteful physical strength isn’t consumed by the heat and the coldness.

We’re a basis and a tray major.

But You walked a season of all four seasons.

It’s summer that I got most tired.

The most fun one is also summer.

Don’t you have heat exhaustion?

You walk for more than 10 hours, but if You care right, it’s no problem.

Of a sunburn,  You light and walk the god dragon(龍神)  You don’t have by a tank top.

You tired, but the days are also very long and there is little baggage, and the summer is finished.

It can be swum at clean river and sea. Beer is good!

Shorts are being loved. So I walk in summer.

But if You go from number 1, there is a swum place only in the mountains in the temple at the tag number 12.

There is also a place where You  have no places which can be swum at all.

It’s about 100 kilometers, and when ma doesn’t also put 1 temple in, the distance between the 12 temple and the temple is here.

That’s also all right.

Equipment becomes heavy in winter.

It’s also early to become dark, so You can’t recommend you.

When I’m walking,  You remember that  felt hot and sweat fairly.

The spring and the autumn are really easy to walk.

A body is easy about 40 percent from 30 percent compared with midsummer.

The distance you can walk also develops. There are a lot of walk pilgrims, too.

The distance of 1 day and the pace?

You think it also changes with an end strike, a letting strike or a season.

An end strike walks while dividing 2 nights and 3 days and 1 week according to the holiday.

We walk from early morning in 2 nights and 3 days every year.

You walk about 45 kilometers from 30 kilometers a day.

The pace of 5 kilometers an hour, it’s said that a body is easy most.

When there is a mountain village mountain pass, the distance doesn’t develop no matter what.

If You walk for more than 7 hours, thought stops, and nothing is felt any more.

This is famous “Ohenrers High”. It takes 8 years to reach here.

The way which is fastest and goes around on foot.

 You think it’ insignificant to go around early.

But You think there is such person in the inside, so it’s written.

A sutra offering place, from 7:00 to 17:00 and, decided.

So it’ll be a loss in time to offer a sutra.

It’s also big here that we don’t do.

And You walk with a tent.

The cost which can lie idle at a favorite place can be suppressed inexpensively.

The beginning camped out us, too. But the intention that  You  go out now doesn’t happen.

“Dougyou ninin”(同行二人)

Even if I’m walking by myself, it’s the meaning as Kobodaishi and the pair.

Kobodaishi always is in the side and is watching.

It’s said that Kobodaishi lodges at the cane used by a pilgrim.

Trout which sometimes suits a picture and is crowded when we’re walking for many years.

Are you somewhat impressed by the left most?

The person who sees sees.

The person who sees this walk immediately.

You are strong in breathing!

Warm up in front of the pilgrim?

It also depends on age and weight.

It would be better to put a stimulus in a body by a running or a walking for 2 or 3 months basically.

How many kilometers a day of this also walks?

It changes with an end strike or expert treatment.

When You are  not so heavy in the weight in the generation 20 years old, you can walk 20 kilometers a day.

The peace?

We didn’t have a dangerous experience in particular.

Japan is a safe place in particular. There is a lot of gentle man in Shikoku.

But when a lady goes around by herself, there is also a place of which I’m a little afraid.

Still there are a lot of walk pilgrims, so if a lady goes by herself, spring and autumn recommend spring and autumn.

I’ll greet!

When I pass each other with a local person, I greet.